YLAV Marches on Lansing!

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August 12, 2016
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February 9, 2017

YLAV Marches on Lansing!

On Saturday, January 21, millions came together for the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches throughout the country – and world. (We see you, Antartica march.) Those millions included¬†us in YLAV!

We headed to the sister march in Lansing, MI for a day of raising our voices with a few staff from our mentor organizations. The day was very inspiring and we learned a lot about how to speak up and speak out. After the march was done, we went out for pizza and shared some impressions. It was a day we’ll never forget.

Here are a few pictures from the march from our Instagram (are you following us?) along with some impressions from YLAVers:

In the van, Lansing bound for a day one YLAV member called “cool and inspiring.”

Our group ready to march, with signs in hand. “It was a really cool environment to be around so many people who you know share your values,” said one YLAVer.

We marched for equality and against discrimination and hate. “It wasn’t just about protesting a president. It was about human rights,” said a YLAV mentor.

The huge mass of people in front of our state capitol represented many backgrounds and identities. As one YLAV member noted, “a ton of guys were there, it wasn’t just women.”

The march was a big step toward being heard, particularly the youth voice. Said one YLAVer: “Today I felt like there was hope. Especially seeing all the kids who participated.”

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