I Can and Will Make a Difference

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February 3, 2017
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April 11, 2017

I Can and Will Make a Difference

By Sam Boyce

The Women’s March on Lansing was a beautiful experience. I had never been to a protest or rally of any sort before, and I’m so glad that this was the first rally I ever attended. The positive atmosphere and feeling of hope that wafted through the air was incredibly heartening in this time of great fear. With all of the changes that are being enacted that are putting human rights at risk, going to a rally full of men and women who care just as much as I do, and want to fight for themselves and others both inspired me and gave me hope.

One thing I absolutely loved about the March were all the witty, heartfelt, and hard-hitting signs. I spotted a couple signs held by children that said, “If you build a wall, my generation will grow up and tear it down.” Those signs helped me to realize that no matter what happens, my generation and the generations after me will have the strength to undo the retreating steps made by society, and make even bigger strides for equality. It touches my heart to know that there are children growing up to be compassionate and caring individuals, courageous enough to stand up for what is right. The amount of men at the march both surprised and excited me. To know that just because the problems discussed didn’t necessarily directly affect these people, yet they were there to show support anyway was such an enlightening thought. To see so many people standing in solidarity even though they may already have the rights and privileges we’re fighting for really strengthens our cause, in my opinion.

The most heartwarming feeling I experienced at the Women’s March on Lansing was that this wasn’t the first, and will not be the last thing like this to occur for these next couple years.  Seeing all of the civic involvement being shown as heinous decisions are made in our government really sparks a hope and fire inside of me. It inspires me to know that I can and will make a difference in this world if I choose to, and that I can count on many of my fellow Americans to be standing with me against injustice. I find it so inspiring to know that the bad things happening in our country aren’t discouraging the People, but instead giving them a reason to stand up and object.

Sam Boyce is a member of YLAV.

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