Two People, Loving and Accepting: Entries from the Steps to a Healthy Relationship Contest

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February 11, 2016
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February 25, 2016

Two People, Loving and Accepting: Entries from the Steps to a Healthy Relationship Contest

Read below for two great entries from our Steps to a Healthy Relationship Contest for #teenDVmonth. Submit your entry today!

“My ideal relationship revolves around two people and the idea of complete and total acceptance. These two people love each other so much that they both cherish their time with each other, and also cherish their alone time, and their time with family and friends. These two people feel safe, full of joy, loved, and these feelings resonate to the people they are around. They are allowed to be themselves completely and are respected for their individual beliefs. Communication is vital in this ideal relationship, and these individuals speak their minds about anything and everything that they are experiencing, good or bad. Their selflessness is effortless and they share in the rollercoaster of life – never giving up on each other when things get tough. This ideal relationship is full of trust, honesty, and loyalty.”



“My ideal relationship would consist of two people who love and respect one another. They are able to communicate in a respectful and honest manner. Trust and loyalty are key in this relationship. Being able to understand and accept each other for who they are is very important – making sure that the other person feels uplifted is vital. In an ideal relationship two people are able to have patience and support for each other during the good times and bad. Being selfless putting in time and effort is an important aspect of every ideal relationship. All ideal relationships should encompass compassion, kindness, and humor.”


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